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No Condemnation: The Creativity and Understanding of Jesus

This week at MMF the sermon is titled, “No Condemnation: The Creativity and Understanding of Jesus.” As a Program Worker working closely with people journeying through Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia, I have needed to develop my creativity in dealing with a variety of interesting situations and people.  Because of this I am greatly inspired by Biblical stories where Jesus was put in a lose-lose situation and was able to create a third way.  This week’s topic is based on just such a story.
The Bible passages I will be basing the message on are John 8:2-11 (Jesus and the woman accused of adultery) and Luke 10:25-37 (The story of the good Samaritan).  I will be expanding on a message given by Jon Carlson at Forest Hills Mennonite Church in October of 2014, during his sermon series, “Walking in the Footsteps of a Subversive Jesus."
Some thoughts to ponder between now and Sunday:  How subversive was Jesus when responding to the many questions and tests of the Pharisee’s?  How subversive is it to spend a lot of time and money caring for people who’s ability to give back to society in conventional ways is being taken from them, in a society which primarily values economic productivity?
I will be sharing a little of my experience as a Program Worker at Alzheimer Society Peel, and hope to delve into these questions a little as I do so.
- Brenda Krumrei
Listen here: mp3

Showing God's Radical Hospitality to Youth

This Sunday, Ken Dryfhout from The Dam will be our speaker.  Ken is the Youth Programming Director/Youth Culture Specialist at The Dam and does a lot of speaking to youth at schools and other events talking about being a True Rebel.  In his bio on the The Dam website it says, "...Ken has discovered what a truly rebellious act real friendship truly is!" So he knows something about being radical.  Ken will be speaking about God's Radical Hospitality in the youth culture context and hopefully giving us older youth some insight into contemporary youth culture.

Listen here: mp3


Become Like Children - God's Radical Hospitality theme wrap-up

Part of good hospitality practice is knowing when enough is enough. I sometimes think we have barely scratched the surface of this deep metaphor: God’s Radical Hospitality. Though we have a three Sunday’s left before our summer services with Erindale United Church, this Sunday is my chance to try to recap some of what we’ve discussed this past year around our theme. It seems to me that the analogy of ‘becoming like little children’ that Jesus prescribes is a good container for much of what we’ve covered.

listen here: mp3


Radical Hospitality Online

The internet is a social place. It is no longer just a technology but an environment where people share ideas and themselves, make friends and enemies.  But it is becoming increasingly inhospitable.  So how can we show God's Radical Hospitality online?

listen here: mp3


Expressing God's Radical Hospitality in Our Politics: Striving for Economic Equality

This week's sermon will deal with the timely topic of economic inequality. Our Scripture readings recall first of all the children of Israel wandering in the desert and in need of food. God hears their cry and sends them manna and quails, but instructs that only the amount needed by each household may be gathered. Our second reading, from the book of Deuteronomy, comes from the time that the Promised Land has already been explored and Moses is formulating, in conversation with God, how a nation that worships and represents God in the world should be ordered. Our reading sets up a sabbath year, in which all debts are to be cancelled. Finally we turn to the Apostle Paul's encouragement of generosity to the Corinthian church for their impoverished brethren in Jerusalem. In this passage he extols equality and points to our Exodus passage to say that it has always been God's way. We'll see what Mennonites of the past have done with this and how we find our role in encouraging government to pursue equalizing legislation today in the light of the grave social consequences of extreme inequality.

Our adult Sunday school will meet in the lecture theatre to view figures taken mostly from the books, Capital in the 21st Century by Thomas Piketty and The Spirit Level by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett, both of which deal with the social effects of inequality from a secular viewpoint.

listen here: mp3

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